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01. Production of prosthetics


02. Design of prosthetics


03. 3D Models


04. From concepts to end designs


05. Design consultation

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At present 3D limbs have 4 different hand prosthetic’s and are constantly developing new prototypes and adjustments for existing models.

Welcome to the world of 3D limbs

Our goal it to help people in developing countries or countries hit by war or natural disasters, who either by incidents or with birth defects have lost limb, to get a better life.

Here is a link for GoFundMe fundraising: https://www.gofundme.com/prosthetics-for-victims-of-war

The idea of this project came to life after the founder had spend 21 years in different conflict zones around the world. He has experienced how people in countries hit by conflicts or disasters are suffering and many times does not have the access or means in-country to get help.


Last mission was in Eastern Ukraine and he decided to stay in the country and start up 3D limbs.


Our aim is to assist International Non Governmental Organisations (INGO) and Non Governmental Organsiations (NGO).



We will try to help where needed.




Parkova 93, 84300 Kramatorsk, Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine.








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